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Are you ready to POLISH YOUR PRESENCE?

... with web-based collaboration, I can teach you from wherever you are.

Your Polished Presence

Uses a virtual consulting program

Offers individual and custom module programs

Manages a broad range of budgets

Highlights a supportive and fun personal course-selection zoom call

Provides a “take me shopping” virtual consult with select modules

All initial intake Discovery sessions are live one-on-one conversations

  • Want to dress for the career you aspire to but not sure how to do that and still feel like yourself?
  • Want to master a healthy lifestyle and show off your new shape but only have the budget, or time, for One Coach?
  • Knowing WHAT to wear, WHEN and HOW--feels overwhelming?
  • Need to master the lost art of etiquette and professional skills?

This is it! I help individuals feel confident in their bodies, owning their presence every time they walk into a room. I do this by teaching and supporting them. We create a lifestyle and a “presence” that they love - through a personalized blend of diet, dress, etiquette and eloquence!


Introducing the Creator of Your Polished Presence

Eve Emery Harding is a content-rich transformative speaker and educator. She is passionate about teaching clients how to “Polish Their Presence” in order to empower their self-confidence. Eve is a distinctively qualified and experienced information-resource specialist and professional teacher noted by many students as ‘the one who made the difference.’ Her life-long connection with food for energy began right on the family farm, which she still operates. Her verve for fashion and protocol grew from her time as a fashion model and teacher at the Meg Daniel’s Vogue School of Modeling in London, Ontario, Canada. Among several notable trainers, Eve has mastered her art through programs with:
  • The Image Maker - Joyce Knusden (Nashville, Tn)
  • The International Image institute – Karen Brunger (Toronto, On)
  • Colour Line & Style - Bette DeHaven, (San Diego, Ca)
  • Protocol London – M. Weisman (London, On)
  • The Shine System – Alyssa Light, (Guelph, On)
  • Diverse, extensive, nutrition, weight-loss and wellness training (Canada & U.S.)
Her program includes a detailed formula about how to fuel the body for great health and how to dress that body in order to project a positive unspoken message! Throughout the program, Eve deepens skills in communication, protocol, etiquette, posture and demeanor. She is a well-researched and trusted resource on how to elevate one’s authentic self both inside and out. Her myriad expertise makes her the attentive architect of your pivotal change! Work individually or become a member of the audience in one of Eve’s presentations either in person or online. Feel the experience of walking away with a notable stride in your step and shift in your personal satisfaction - imagine a confidence that could transcend your mirror… and increase your life’s enjoyment and even your bottom line!

Your Polished Presence

If Success Is Your Goal,
Then Polish Is Your Tool!

Areas Served

Ontario, Canada