“My university homecoming was fast approaching on the heels of a fabulous BBQ and ice-cream summer, and I needed to lose weight and feel energized. For me, losing weight usually required cutting carbs, which always made me feel tired.”

Not this time! A friend of mine who was a registered dietitian recommended a nutritional rebalancing system. I loved it! And IT WORKED FAST!

I lost 30 pounds in just a few weeks, and have never felt better. The great part is that I can eat what I want, my body now knows how to keep the weight off! Just clear out the energy pathways and pump in some amazing real nutrition and the body becomes its own miracle! I am actually still losing weight but it is the energy, the calm concentration power and the amazing restful sleep that have changed my life!

As a teacher, I had to learn more, do the research and understand the science! I’m now sharing that knowledge and my experience. Initially, my focus was on my own kids and then on all those students in the classrooms and the sports fields and arenas. Dynamic changes!

With my background in farming and life-time study and research into health and wellness, nutritional counselling was a natural fit. To really look great, it is only logical to review health cues. So many people don’t know why they feel tired or can’t sleep.

Athletes quickly reach their peak performance plateaus and turn to unhealthy options. Families always rushing to activities are neglecting to fuel their bodies–instead of just filling them! Fuel—with real nutrition, free of herbicides, pesticides, mgs, and hormones.

For those seeking a real transformation, I have been able to provide recommendations that increase immunity, performance and focus. The old story, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT–has never been more true!

If amazing health, increased energy, calm concentration, physical endurance and natural, restful sleep are needs that resonate with you—it may be time to rethink your body’s source of power. Every cell in your body is built upon what you allow to enter it… It may be time for some changes! Contact me today for a personal consultation—Why Wait… Let’s Get Started!