Is your little person a fussy eater? Do you have any problem  getting  him/her  to eat a healthy and balanced meal? Well, you are not alone.  FYI! These sort of eating troubles are behavioral in nature. Isn’t that a relief! Sometimes kids have NO hunger and sometimes they are just starving! Rejecting your offering may  be that it doesn’t match the flavor, texture or temperature that appeals to the child, at that moment.

So,  exactly how do parents handle this type of issue? Diet specialists as well as Doctors state that there are a few very easy and fail-safe pointers that will help in getting your kids to eat well. 

At the top of the list is: 

  1. Be a good role model!   The kids are always watching!
  2.  Plan ahead.  You know when they will be hungry–that’s when you get the nutrition check marks made– pre-cut veggies (partly cooked but cold)  and protein– nuts, hummus, cubes of chicken. 
  3.  Convenience foods that are not prepacked– but still easy!  Boiled eggs, Yummy shakes with balanced nutrients and good protein. (Not just fruit and milk) even meal-type nutrition bars and fresh fruit together. 
  4.  Get the kids to help.. and add the banana to the smoothie or scoop out the hummus for those veggies–in a special bowl! 
    5.  A NOVEL IDEA–Eat TOGETHER as a family.  Research shows that when  family members eat together more nutrients are consumed. 

Research also shows that what you talk about helps aid digestion.  So, tell the kids a funny story, play “I spy”,  or, even better, ask him/her to tell about the best part of  “today”!  Show the little people that you are listening, and ask questions about their story.  They will stay at the table longer and probably eat a little bit more of that good stuff!  

Sure it will take time, creativity and some perseverance but it will improve sleep, create great memories and build strong bodies.  


Imagine the kind of parents those little people will grow up to be!

Shake Time Fun!