What do I Think of ME?

Do you ever have time to think about your own opinion of YOU? Most women are wearing so many hats throughout the day, the week, even the year, that they barely have time to turn out the lights on each day. Maybe, when you are rushing to fuel your body with energizing nutrients, first thing in the morning, you might catch a glimpse in the mirror. Maybe NOT!

Of course, you’ve done your daily gratitudes, performed your exercise routine and double-checked your checklist. You know where you have to be, what you have to do and occasionally even what you are going to say.

But do you know how you FEEL about the girl in that mirror? In my blogs, I am talking to the real you. Yes, there are messages coming at you from all directions that influence your judgement of what is important. Guess what, I am going to help curate some of those messages. Maybe some of you know what I mean, when I say the “Cole’s Notes” version of information that might make a difference. Sure, I am going to give you tips on color and fashion, on English grammar and social skills. I believe that confidence comes through knowledge and I AM a teacher! In this “classroom”, however, YOU have all the gold stars. You choose where to put them.

Winston Churchill, probably echoing Lady Churchill’s wisdom, said, “to improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often”. I have done my share of research on self-improvement offerings, and would like to share my results. Perfection is just a point on an infinite line. It is like a mirage, once you get there, it’s moved on. Therefore, “perfection” is not a real goal but an invitation to keep going. The real goal, is to enjoy the journey.

Remember, it is YOU who has the gold stars. You decide what you want to change and my job will be to supply the tools for improvement.

One of those great self-improvement books I loved is one whose title sounds like words from my own mentor. Before she would listen to my “woes” she said, “Eve, you go and wash your face while I make us some tea!”– Maybe you’d like to read it too!

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