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Posts by Eve Harding

All about YOU, finally!

What do I Think of ME? Do you ever have time to think about your own opinion of YOU? Most women are wearing so many hats throughout the day, the week, even the year, that they barely have time to turn out the lights on each day. Maybe, when you are rushing to fuel your…

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Mom! Feed Me! – Tips To Getting Youngsters To EAT Right

Is your little person a fussy eater? Do you have any problem  getting  him/her  to eat a healthy and balanced meal? Well, you are not alone.  FYI! These sort of eating troubles are behavioral in nature. Isn’t that a relief! Sometimes kids have NO hunger and sometimes they are just starving! Rejecting your offering may …

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Non-Verbal Communication Tip

In Canada and the U.S., making eye contact is interpreted as showing concentrated interest, politeness and a sign of self-confidence. Look into the other person’s eyes for 4 or 5 seconds, blink normally, smile and nod accordingly. Learning the varying methods of the non-verbal communication will become your “go-to” skill set!

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The Hallmarks Of A Professional Teacher

Have you ever wondered what the qualities of a really professional teacher are? I know that all teachers want their students to like them, but being liked isn’t the be-all and end-all really, is it? I mean teachers have to make some unpopular decisions sometimes. Teachers can be favored just because they are friendly and…

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Interview Follow-up Letters – Do You Know Their Importance?

You’ve had your interview with a perspective employer. Now what? Do you simply wait for a response or do you make a more proactive stand? The fact is that job searching doesn’t end with the interview. It’s what you do in the days that follow the interview that can shift things in your favor. Do…

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Eve’s Healthy Weight-Loss Story

“My university homecoming was fast approaching on the heels of a fabulous BBQ and ice-cream summer, and I needed to lose weight and feel energized. For me, losing weight usually required cutting carbs, which always made me feel tired.” Not this time! A friend of mine who was a registered dietitian recommended a nutritional rebalancing…

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