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Okay, you are at a point in your life where you realize that you are ready for a change. You may be graduating and beginning your career. You may be re-entering the workforce or eyeing the promotion. You may be a new mom with a new figure and ready to notch up your look. Are you re-launching “you” OR in search of a career change? Managing a busy household, career, family, sports and time? It does not take a transition to spark change! Nevertheless, CHANGE is what you are looking for!

I totally get it! I have been there myself. Like you, I have googled sites, read the books, taken the courses and connected with coaches. What I can do for you is sculpt a system that sets you up for success. My mission is to provide the formulae on how to dress and accessorize according to your physique and life-styles; on how to move and how to communicate with confidence; on how to take control of your health and energy; and how to put it all together. Think, “ TODAY IS THE DAY I MAKE MY BEST EVEN BETTER!!”

Over the last 30 years, I have coached people from many parts of the world. I teach my clients the skills they need to make choices that create positive and significant results. With my background in education, nutrition, business and image consulting, I have been able to help men and women launch into new successes, personally, professionally and financially! The reality is that when you feel good and KNOW that you look your best, you will be able to reach for new goals—and ACHIEVE them! All you need is someone to teach you the skills and work with you on how to apply them! Once you get it, you will have it for life! Imagine the people you can help and the fun you can have with your new sense of self!


Does it really make a difference?

The perfect world would allow each of us to shine with what is truly important about ourselves.  It would elevate our profile using our personality, our intellect, our skills, our accomplishments, and our ability to communicate effectively.  If we were in a production field, it might be concerned with our production output, our physical strength, our organizational talents and even our perfect attendance.

The truth isYour Appearance is like a Megaphone---It speaks more loudly than anything that should really matter.  True, It may be shallow.  It may not be fair!


Just pick up any magazine or walk in any shopping location and try to calculate the amount being spent on ADVERTISING any factor involved in how you look!  This may include the car you drive, the books you read and the vacations you take.

Advertisers don’t teach you how to choose.  Schools don’t include courses in HOW to make a great first impression even if they DO mention the importance of doing so!  It can become very costly in time and money, however, if we neglect this element of our success and well-being.

Does it really make a difference?

At YOUR Polished Presence, we highlight the system of individuality, authenticity and practicality.  Knowing how to select what is right for YOU will improve your physical appearance and project your increased confidence.  How you feel about how you look is the most under-estimated factors in not only your professional and social success but also in your psychological health and happiness.

As an educator, I recognize the value of having the knowledge and training needed to make significant choices and decisions. Polished first impressions become really easy when you have the knowledge about what you need to Do and how you need to use specific “tools”. You will have a blueprint that will help you make perfect choices regarding your wardrobe, your style and your communication.

Becoming the Best You Can Be—in your appearance will make a difference--- first of all to YOU.

No one is in competition for being the best YOU—

so when you try….YOU always win!

Appearance is one factor that we can change that will affect:

          1. how others see us,

          2. how the world treats us

          3. how we unconsciously feel about our identity.

Are you ready to POLISH YOUR PRESENCE?

... with web-based collaboration, I can teach you from wherever you are.

Your Polished Presence

Uses a virtual consulting program

Offers individual and custom module programs

Manages a broad range of budgets

Highlights a supportive and fun personal course-selection zoom call

Provides a “take me shopping” virtual consult with select modules

All initial intake Discovery sessions are live one-on-one conversations

Your Polished Presence

If Success Is Your Goal,
Then Polish Is Your Tool!

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